About Us

We Are PROTYM Energy

We thrive on creating new solutions to solve long-existing challenges. The control and management of energy is a massive challenge in our world and represents the epicenter of our focus. The population continues to grow. New devices and machines multiply and each demands more power. The development of better energy solutions is a global priority. And to us, it ‘s an opportunity to help solve one of the most important issues of our time.

We are encouraged by the progress in energy creation. Solar panels are a reliable, and now affordable, source. The wind remains a consistent and viable resource. And traditional power plants still serve an important role. What we are missing, the piece we grasp for, are solutions to manage the energy we create. At the heart of this challenge is energy storage, but that’s only part of the overall equation.

We have passion for energy. We are an energy storage solutions company committed to improving the standard of energy across the globe, from incrementally to massively. We improve efficiency in the inherently inefficient, we enable energy resource, and we transform carbon-dependent companies into carbon neutral industry role models. We aren’t out to save the world, but we are out to change it. And we won’t stop innovating until true energy management is a reality.