Groundbreaking energy storage solutions

In today’s technology-interconnected world, Commercial and Industrial customers need a high quality, reliable source of energy, a means of managing the ever-increasing cost of that energy, and a way to ensure power quality and reliability, even during disruptions of grid service and blackouts. In addition, by integrating storage with solar or other renewable sources, self-generated power is used to provide both economic and environmental benefits. Our solutions provide the long duration, highly efficient, fast-charging capabilities that deliver those economic and environmental paybacks.


PROTYM Energy storage solutions help reduce expensive demand charges by allowing customers to store inexpensive electricity produced at night for use during peak hours of the day. In the advent of temporary outages, our systems provide back-up energy that can enable “islanded” microgrids to power an entire facility. Renewable energy in combination with solar panels or other ecological sources provide cost-effective solutions that we provide to our customers. To ensure that onsite renewable resources are leveraged to their full capability their power is stored as it is delivered, for reliable usage when needed.